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How to post on Pinterest on Phone, APP, iPad, iPhone (2023)

How To Post on Pinterest

How to post on Pinterest on Phone, APP, iPad, iPhone (2023)

How to Post on Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the largest social media sites in the world, with over 330 million users. The site has more than 4 billion Pinterest Boards, where people share their content. With that said, it’s important for social media marketers to know how to post on Pinterest on their Phone, APP, iPad or iPhone.

If you’ve been wondering how to use the various devices at your disposal to share content on Pinterest, we’ve got you covered.

In this “how to post on Pinterest” guide, we will discuss how you can share your favourite pins as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

How to Post on Pinterest on Phone

Sharing posts on Pinterest, also called Pins, doesn’t have to happen from your desktop. It is quite possible to share Pins right from your mobile device.

If you are keen on this idea, we suggest that you make use of WordSwag. This application will give you the ability to create stunning Pins to share on your Pinterest Boards.

With WordSwag, getting the hang of how to post on Pinterest is simple and fast. Plus, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

How To Post On Pinterest Using WordSwag

Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you can quickly get started with creating awesome pins.

First, you’ll select a background for your image. You can use the free images provided or your own.

WordSwag uses Pixabay to give you access to free images that can be used and edited to your heart’s content.

If you already have some really nice images that you want to use, that’s great too. In fact, using your own images is better because it shows creativity.

By clicking on the camera icon on the left of your screen, you’ll be taken to your phone’s camera. You can take a new photo that you want to edit or use photos from your camera roll.


When you have selected your image, you will be taken to a cropping window. Here, you can scroll through the options of crop sizes and decide which one is best for your Pin.

For best practices when it comes to images on Pinterest, check out our social media image sizes guide.

Text Styles

Adding text using WordSwag
Adding text using WordSwag

Once you’ve got your image the size you want, you can start adding text to it. You’ll be taken to the screen for this automatically. 

You’ll notice there are many options to choose from and editing is easy. It’s even possible to make sure everyone sees you’re quoting someone by putting the name in the ‘Says Who?’ box at the bottom.

If you’re not sure what to write, there are examples to choose from. WordSwag really helps you create interesting and entertaining content.

There are also jokes that you can choose from. Once you’ve decided upon what to write, you’ll be able to edit the style. You can choose different layouts and text styles.

Resizing the text is easy too and you can rotate it to add some extra uniqueness to your content.

Using text styles on WordSwag
Using text styles on WordSwag (Source –


Adjusting the colour of your text will make it stand out so you’ll want to pay attention here. For marketing purposes, we suggest you stick to the colour theme of your brand.

You can also adjust the transparency of your text. Just make sure it’s still easy to read once you’re done editing.

If you feel that your image doesn’t match your text anymore, you can choose a different background. Fortunately, you don’t have to start all over.

It’s possible to play around with overlay colours, but don’t do that too much or you might end up with an image that doesn’t look too appealing.

WordSwag also allows you to use a blurring tool to add your own special touch.

When you’re done, save the image by clicking on the ‘Save’ option that you’ll find in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Next, share the image on Pinterest by using the available sharing options. You can also share it to Facebook and Twitter if you want to.

How to post on Pinterest on the App

Posting on Instagram with an iPhone
Posting on Instagram with an iPhone.

To post on the Pinterest app, simply sign in to your Pinterest account from the iPhone app.

From there it is really easy to share pins and images. You will find the typical iPhone camera shooting screen if you tap the camera icon in the app. Take a photo to share and scale/crop the image as you wish.


Once you’ve got the right scaling done, you can edit the colour of your image. Be as creative as you want here.

Next, move on to the next step and choose whether or not you want to share your location. This will show Pinterest users where you are and is recommended for physical businesses.


Now, you’ll have to add an interesting description to your image. It is recommended that you write nice and long descriptions. Make sure yours is at least 300 characters long.

Adding hashtags and keywords will also boost the chances that your image will be seen by more people.

This will lead to a lot more exposure. More exposure means more brand awareness.

Pin It

Select the ‘Pin It’ button that you’ll find in the top-right corner of your screen and you’ll be taken to the next screen.

You’ll get notified that your image has been pinned.

Camera Roll

Adding images from camera roll
Adding images from your camera roll is easy! (Source –

To pin an image from your camera roll on the Pinterest app, click on the camera icon. Then, select ‘Library’ and then choose ‘Camera Roll’ after your Photos app is opened. 

Browse through your images to find the right one and select the one you want.

Then you’ll follow the same steps as above to share to Pinterest.

How to post on Pinterest on Your iPad

How To Post on Pinterest With an iPad

Sharing content on your Pinterest Board from your iPad is fairly simple. All you have to do is launch the app and find the menu button. It should be in the top-left corner of your screen.

Click on the camera option and access your photo library. You can also take fresh photos to share on your Pinterest account.

Sharing images on your iPad
Sharing images on your iPad.

Once you have the image you want to use you can edit it and add your description. When you’re satisfied, pin it to the board of your choice and you’re done!

Yes, it really is that simple.

How to post on Pinterest on Your iPhone or Android Phone

Sharing posts on Pinterest from your iPhone will be the same process as with an iPad. If that’s what you want to do, just look at the instructions we shared above.

If you’re #TeamAndroid and don’t use an iPhone, we’ve still got you covered. Here’s how to post on Pinterest using your Android phone:

Log in to your Pinterest account and click on the white circle with a plus in it. You should find this in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Then select the Upload a Pin option. You will find this option in the centre of the menu. 

Next, click to upload and select the image you want to use. Add your description (remember to be very creative here).

When you’re happy with what you’ve created so far, click Done and choose a Pinterest Board where you want to Pin the image. 

If you want to link your Pin to a specific site, add the URL to the Pin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve covered the basics on how to post on Pinterest but it’s possible that you might have a few unanswered questions still.

We’ll be looking at some of the most frequently asked questions about posting on Pinterest so you’ll likely find what you’re looking for if you scroll down.

How Do I Schedule a Post on Pinterest?

Planning ahead is very important for any social media marketing campaign. Fortunately, you can schedule a post on Pinterest manually.

Pinterest lets you schedule about 30 pins at a time which can be shared at a later time. You’ll be able to share 3 or 4 pins each day this way. For a new account, this is good enough.

However, as you grow, you may need to schedule more pins. We’ll look at using a tool to do that in just a bit.

To manually schedule pins on Pinterest, simply sign in to your Pinterest account and click on the + button. 

You can use your laptop, desktop computer or phone to do this.

Once you’ve clicked on the +, select the option to create a new pin.

Proceed to follow the normal procedure for adding a new pin. But instead of sharing, you will click on the pencil icon. Then you’ll schedule the pin for the time you want it to be shared.

How to schedule and post pins at a later date
Schedule your pin to be shared when it suits you best. (Source –

To view your scheduled pins, head to your Pinterest profile and select your pins. You’ll be able to see all the pins you want to share later.

Please note that once you’ve scheduled a pin, you can’t edit it. So make very sure that you’ve got all the editing done before you schedule it. If you do notice a pin that isn’t perfect, you’ll have to delete it and start over.

Why Can’t I Upload Photos to Pinterest?

If you find that you can’t upload any of your pre-selected images to Pinterest, you may simply need to log out and in to your Pinterest profile again.

Make sure to close the app or browser and not have any tabs for Pinterest open when you’re logging out.

You may need to clear some of your browsing data such as your history, cookies etc. if you’re using Google Chrome.

If that doesn’t work for you, contact Pinterest’s support team or Google your issue and see if you find any useful answers.

As a last resort, you can try and upload photos from a completely different device.

How Do I Sell Things on Pinterest?

How to sell on Pinterest
Pinterest is a great place to do e-commerce.

Using your Pinterest account to do business is not a new idea – it’s been possible for quite some time. 

In fact, pinterest marketing has proven to be a fantastic way of doing business on the internet. If you need some advice on using social media platforms in your strategy, check out our social media marketing tips.

You can use Rich Pins to sell your goods to interested customers on Pinterest. These connect to your personal website. Also, information about your products are automatically changed when you make updates. This includes info about availability and price.

Rich pins also make it really easy for people who are searching for products like yours to find you.

Best time to post on Pinterest
Best time to post on Pinterest can depend on your audience.

Buyable Pins make it possible to purchase products without even leaving their Pinterest page. It’s a great convenience that the platform introduced in 2016.

Unfortunately, these awesome Pins are currently only available in the United States and are exclusive to BigCommerce and Shopify.

It is hoped that Pinterest will soon make changes that allow global trading. Keep an eye on the Pinterest site for news on this.

How Do I Get a Pinterest Button?

Using the Pinterest Button makes your life a lot easier and is important knowledge when it comes to knowing how to post on Pinterest.

It allows you to view any pin and potentially pin any image that is compatible with Pinterest.

If you like finding great images and pinning them to your Pinterest Boards, you’ll love the button.

Here’s how you can install this convenient feature:

You start by heading to Pinterest’s help page where you will find links to the pages where you can find the browser extensions. You’ll have to use the extensions that are used by whichever browser you’re using.

Install the extension by following the instructions provided by your browser.

For Google Chrome, you’ll select ‘Add Extension’ and Chrome will do the rest. Your page will be refreshed once the button has been installed.

If you’re using Firefox, you will click ‘Allow’ when prompted and then install the button.

Safari users will have to click the download arrow and click on the setup file to have the button installed.

Internet Explorer will require users to click on ‘Run’ which is at the bottom of the page and after that, they’ll install the button. You’ll have to close your browser, follow the given instructions and launch it again.

Now, you’ll find the Pinterest button in your browser. Usually, it is located on the top-right side of your screen. It is a red button with a white ‘P’ on it.

If you can’t find the button, try restarting your browser.

Using The Pinterest Button

To use your newly installed button isn’t at all complicated. To test it out, head to a site with images that you would like to pin.

Remember that you normally can’t pin images from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Recipe sites are a good place to start though.

Once you’ve found an image you like, click on the Pinterest button and you’ll be able to see a window that asks you to choose your image and the board you want to save it to. 

You’ll have to be logged in to your Pinterest account or you will be prompted to log in.

Once you’ve saved the pin, it will be on your Board.

 See how much easier this button can make your Pinterest experience?

How to use the Pinterest button
How to use the Pinterest button

Can You Put Your Own Pictures on Pinterest?

Yes, you can. We’ve discussed in this guide how you can upload images from your phone and pin it to boards on your account.

You can edit them and make them look as awesome as you want to as well.

Just remember to give the app access to your camera in your privacy settings so it can upload images.

What’s the Best Time to Post on Pinterest?

Best time to post on Pinterest
Best time to post on Pinterest can depend on your audience.

This is a very important question and matters greatly for social media marketers. Once you know who your target audience is, you can post fresh content at the times you know they’ll be active on Pinterest.

However, if you’re not sure of when that time really is, you’ll have to figure it out with a trial and error method.

Generally speaking, the best time to post on Pinterest is between 8 pm and 11 pm. That’s when most people are more active on the platform. The best days tend to be weekends.

This could be inaccurate for your target audience though, so do your research and keep an eye on your analytics data.

You should be able to tell if the times that you’ve posted are helping your content gets seen by your audience or not.

Is There a Way to Upload Multiple Images to Pinterest at Once?

There is a way to upload more than one image to Pinterest at once, but you’ll have to use a tool for this.

Bulk Pinner is a free app that allows Pinterest users to upload many images with one action.

You don’t need to create an account to access Bulk Pinner, you only have to give it permission to access your account and upload images for you.

It will then allow you to select the boards to which you want to pin the multiple images.

Bulk Pinner lets you upload as many photos as you wish. Plus, it is easy enough to use that you won’t get frustrated.

Having as many pins on Pinterest as possible will get your content in front of more eyes. And as a marketer, that is exactly what you want. So using Bulk Pinner would be a smart move for sure.

To use Bulk Pinner, log in with your account and authorise the tool to upload images to your Pinterest. 

Select the images you wish to upload, choose the Pinterest board they should go on and add your image descriptions.

That’s it!

What Is A Pinterest Carousel Pin? 

On Pinterest, a carousel pin is one that has multiple images. They are fantastic in showing off the different features of a product or advertising multiple products in one pin.

You can even incorporate carousel pins to tell a story, which is a very creative feature. Carousel pins are seen in the feed just like normal ones.

Users can swipe through carousel images directly from their feeds and can tap on them and swipe to each card’s (carousel images are called cards) URL link and end up on the pages you want them to.

Keep in mind that not all Pinterest users know they can swipe to see more with carousel pins so be sure to tell them!

Creating a Carousel Pin

To make our own carousel pin, you need to have all the images that you want to use, ready and waiting to be uploaded at once.

When you upload your images, you will be asked if you want to make a collage or carousel. Obviously, you’ll select the carousel option.

How to post carousel pins
Carousel pins aren’t complicated.

Once you’ve chosen that, you can reorder the images and choose the links that each image should have.

You don’t have to give each image a different description if you don’t want to, but it will be more creative if you do.

Be sure to add a good call to action for the best results. If you need some help with this marketing strategy, our Call To Action Guide will serve you well.


Now that you know how to post on Pinterest, you can make the most of this very popular social media platform. Using Pinterest as part of your content marketing strategy is highly recommended. It has become a fantastic platform for visual marketing as well as e-commerce.

While you’re here, why not check out our social media marketing tool which can help you with all your social media marketing needs!

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