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Social Media Marketing Tips To Help You Grow Your Business in 2020

April 16, 2020
Social Media Marketing Tips To Help You Grow Your Business in 2020


Social Media Marketing Tips To Help You Grow Your Business in 2020

No proper marketing plan is complete without a social media marketing strategy in place. Marketing is an ever-changing game and social media is perhaps the fastest-changing aspect of it. You can’t go into a new year’s planning with last year’s plan – what you need is some good social media marketing tips.

With 90% of social media users making use of their social platforms to communicate with businesses, you need to be there where people can find you. You need to make it easy for them to reach out to you. Being interactive is the key to social media marketing – responding to customers’ social media complaints can boost brand loyalty with 65% and customer advocacy by up to 25%. 

We’ll be looking at some of the best social media marketing tips that will see your business grow successfully. With the guidance given here, you will find strategies and ideas that, when implemented, will boost your exposure and help you stay ahead of the marketing game.

Social Media How To For Business Purposes

Almost half of the world’s population are active on social media networks at some time or another. Some are consistent, others use it more randomly. Still, with an estimated 3.5 billion people on social media in 2020, you have a massive market to tap.

No wonder using social media for business is so popular. You will learn from our tips on social media marketing just how effective social platforms can be for a company’s marketing goals.

Before we get into how you can tap this market, let’s quickly discuss what social media marketing is.

The term refers to any business activity on social media platforms that contributes to marketing objectives. This includes website traffic, customer acquisition, brand awareness and more.

It makes use of videos, images and texts to engage communities and pull in potential customers. The core of good social media is the target audience’s desire to share the content. That is what should be focused on. When your content is shared, your brand awareness will grow. This can happen through retweeting on Twitter, the tagging of friends on Instagram or the sharing of posts on Facebook.

Are There Definitive All-Rounder Social Media Marketing Tips?

There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ social media platform that can be your single go-to when planning a marketing strategy. Different platforms work with different content and for different reasons. A social media marketer needs to understand these differences and use them to your company’s benefit.

Just What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

There are many reasons why this kind of marketing is so popular and successful. Of course, it helps you reach customers who otherwise would not have known about you. But it also helps you build a community around your brand. This results in brand loyalty which gives you brand authority in the market.

You will be able to create more inbound traffic, which converts into sales – the whole point of marketing strategies. Customer satisfaction will be improved because people will know you care. This care is shown by engaging with customers on social media.

Social media marketing is very cost-effective when compared to traditional strategies and the pay-off is very high.

In short, the benefits are endless, but having the right approach is vital. By implementing our social media marketing tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of this ever-changing but effective way of promoting your company and services.

Without further ado, let’s discuss these tips. Many of them will have you saying ‘of course!’ but we often forget the most simple ideas, or laugh them off. Here, you’ll learn not to do that, and how to be efficient when using them.


This should go without saying, but planning your social media posts is very important. This will prevent you from experiencing ‘writer’s block’ and not knowing what to post. A good plan would include posting one type of content one day and sharing something else the next. 

Determine Objectives

You should set out your plans for what you’ll be doing with the different platforms. You can’t use social media without knowing how to apply the channels to meet your objectives. A lot of time should go into determining what you want to achieve. That way, you will save time, make sure your content is actually relevant to your marketing strategy and establish how you’ll keep track of your success.

Ascertain Your Audience

It is important to know why you’re using social media marketing, and it’s just as important to know who you want to reach. This will help you determine which platforms you should be using the most. For example, 66% of Twitter users are male and 72% of teenagers use Instagram. Knowing what channel to use for your target audience will make sure your marketing strategy is successful. Go into deep detail about your demographic using information such as age, interests, hobbies, location, gender,  likes, dislikes etc.

Do Market Research

Just as with traditional marketing, you need to know your market and analyse your competitors’ activity. Take a look at which platforms are used by your competition, how much engagement they get, what content they share, their conversations and what tone of voice they use. This way, you will see what works and what doesn’t.

A Few Social Media Marketing Tips on How to Understand Your Audience a Little Better

Do in-depth research into their demographics. Religion, income, education and social status are important factors to look at.

Get interactive on forums where your audience hangs out. Get to know the people that you’re trying to rope in as clients or customers. There is no better way to learn about their needs than hearing it from them for yourself.

Do surveys to find out about their opinions, wants and needs. Surveys seem like an old and outdated method, but the opinion of the masses still matter. Surveys can be useful at any stage of a marketing campaign.

Choose Your Main Social Networks

Once you have done all of the above, you should have an idea of which platforms will be most beneficial to your company. Now, you will focus most on these and plan strategies for them.

Determine Your Brand Guidelines

This is one of our most important social media marketing tips, especially for teams. Your brand guidelines will have to be clear and accessible to everyone who is involved in your marketing strategy. These guidelines will make sure a unified tone and persona is created and maintained. You don’t want to be presented too variantly on the different social media platforms. This will cause confusion and won’t build much trust or reliability.

Guidelines could include the following:

  • Overall use of emojis
  • Brand voice/tone
  • Off-limits topics and words
  • Hashtag usage
  • Audience interaction protocol


It is often said content is king, and there is truth to this belief. Without content, there is no internet, no marketing and no growth. This is the more creative part of social media marketing and will be different on each platform.

In general, you will have to use informative articles, interesting photos and videos, attention-grabbing graphics and interactive live-streams.

Which to use and how to use it can be difficult to determine at first, but this is where one of our other social media marketing tips come into play: knowing your audience. Once you’ve researched what content gets the most reaction from your target market, you can build around the data.

Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. Keep this in mind when you are planning your strategy. Visuals are super important.

Here are some brief examples of how to approach the different social networks:


Social Media Marketing Tips - Facebook
Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world!

One of the most commonly used social media networks, Facebook is great for entertainment and news related content. Although Facebook Pages often have difficulty performing well, Groups are good ways of connecting with audiences.


Instagram Icon
Instagram is almost unbeatable when it comes to visual content.

Visuals are very important on Instagram. Short videos and interesting images will do well and drive traffic. With over 500 million daily active users on this platform, there is a world of possibility to discover.  More than 60 million pictures are posted every day, and over a billion likes are handed out. You should consider getting the services of a social media influencer, they are very successful on Instagram.


Social Media Marketing Tips - LinkedIn
LinkedIn – The biggest social app for professionals.

This is a more professional network and an appropriate content plan should be used. It is ideal for B2B audiences in particular. You should maintain a good ratio when it comes to content. Make only about 20% of it promotional and keep the rest as high-quality as possible. Focus on videos as this is one of the biggest drives on LinkedIn.


Pinterest Icon
Pinterest is often neglected but is a big player in the social media world.

Another visual-based platform, Pinterest is limited to images but is actually effective at driving traffic, so not to be ignored. Make sure to have the Pinterest Save button installed and ready to be clicked.


Twitter Icon
Twitter is often called the king of social media – it’s hugely popular.

With more than 326 million average monthly Twitter users globally, Twitter is a powerful and popular social media platform. Advertising on Twitter is relatively easy and a great way to reach people and Promoted Tweets is just one way to go about it. Twitter Moments and Verification is also a great way to enhance your profile and marketing strategy.

Make Use of A Content Calendar

Proper social media marketing is not a small task and can get quite difficult to maintain if you’re using different platforms. It is a good idea to have a content calendar to make things easier for you and your team. Without good planning, it’s possible for certain networks to be neglected.

You should have plans for big events and milestones and even holidays. You can make use of a tool like SocialPlanner. It will allow you to easily find the best content based on keywords or topics. You can also plan all your social media posts in one place, cutting out the need to jump around to schedule content. On top of that, all your scheduled posts can be published automatically with just a few clicks.

By scheduling content, you will create consistency and this is very important. A consistent social media presence will go a long way to creating brand loyalty and trust. It will also make your life easier.

Social Media Marketing Tips 101: Keep An Eye On Metrics

Need a few tips for social media marketing? We have a few…

Another of our very important social media marketing tips is to make sure that you keep track of your metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator ). This is the best way to tell if your strategies are working as planned. You can also determine where improvement is needed and what plans should be let go in favour of better ones.

If you make use of all the information shared here, you will have a solid marketing strategy that will get you going in the right direction. Remember that these things take time and you won’t have the best strategy worked out in one day unless you’re really lucky. You need to invest time and effort to get the kind of results that make a difference – this applies to everything in life.

If you’re eager for more, here are two bonus social media marketing tips that will add more beef to the already bulky guide shared here.

Run Contests

Everyone likes an interesting contest and it’s even better on social media. Taking part in online contests is so much easier and more convenient – you just click a few times. Contests can be a very alluring way to get new people involved in your brand. This strategy will increase your followers, engagement levels and visibility. Just make sure that your contests are relevant and well-planned.

Minimise The Sales Tactics

Using traditional marketing – which is often seen as intrusive – on social media can be a brand’s downfall. People don’t want to feel like you’re selling them something, they want to feel special and like there’s a real connection with companies. Too many promotions are a big no-no, so play carefully with that approach.

Personal Social Media Marketing Tips: How To Be A Social Media Marketer

Now that you have an idea about social media marketing as a strategic tool, you may be wondering how you can become an expert. That is easier than it sounds but it will take time and dedication. You have to be determined and passionate to make it work. To run businesses on social media and promote it does require you to be dedicated.

Let’s discuss the ways you can become a social media marketer in simple steps.

Step One – Have Focus

You should focus on about two or three main social media platforms and get to know it really well. Learn what works on these platforms and what doesn’t. What kind of images are you allowed to use and what sizes they should be. Learn about the personas of the people who use the platforms.

It is better to specialise on certain platforms that generalising in many different ones. We suggest you focus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or whichever sounds the best to you.

Focus on knowing all you can and staying updated when it comes to your chosen platforms. Social trends change very fast and you have to keep up with all of the relevant ones. Use online sources to be ‘in the know’ about your platforms and don’t stop learning.

You will soon know what kind of tactics will be the best when creating marketing strategies for your platforms and as a result, you will be more successful at your job.

Step Two – Research

You have to constantly research if you want to be a social media marketer that gets things done. Social media for a business calls for the best available knowledge to be had. It is important that you research your customer base. You will need to know who you’re talking to and creating content for.

It’s no use you get clever with your marketing ideas if it won’t work on your audience. We also suggest that you choose an industry in which you can be a marketer – be that fashion, travel, food, technology or whatever else you are passionate about.

Make sure that you keep up with matters that are important to your audience. This, as you might guess, calls for research.

Step Three – Learn From Others

Don’t hesitate to look at the strategies of other companies. See what they did and how it was able to speak to their audience. Learn from the mistakes they made as well. Monitor the reaction of their social media followers and you will know what kind of content they like. You will also learn what kind of content and marketing strategies don’t work as effectively.

We are not suggesting that you steal ideas from the competition – that’s unethical and will get noticed by your audience. Simply learn from their examples and then go and do better. Improve on the approaches that they used and you’ll see happy followers.

Step Four – Be Consistent

We believe that consistency is the key to real success. If you are consistently giving your audience fresh and interesting content, they’ll want to stick around. But being consistent doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so you may have to ‘train’ yourself.

As a social media marketer, you have to get used to being active on your client’s accounts all the time. You have to be ready to tweet, like, share or comment whenever something interesting happens. Teach yourself to maintain a steady stream of content.

However, keep things interesting and in moderation. Don’t spam your audience with useless or junk content. Give them what they want but only enough to come back for more.

Step Five – Get Experience

If you want to be a social media marketer for a great brand, you may have to start as something more humble. Consider doing intern or volunteer work. Build up experience that you can show your prospective clients.

Learn from your work and take note of everything that is successful and everything that fails. Get a feel for what being a social media marketer is really about.

You can start off by working for local schools, family-owned businesses, politicians or charities. Remember, it’s not about glamour, but gaining valuable experience.

Step Six – Build A Network

To be taken seriously, you want to show that you are serious. Join social groups in the industry that you want to be an expert in. Get in touch with other professionals and ‘mingle’ with them. Create relationships with the companies that you would like to work with.

Subtly show off with the work you’ve been doing so that the right people can notice you.

Step Seven – Cultivate Your Presence

If you want to do social media for businesses, you are going to have to let them know that you’re available to help them out. That’s why you have to build your online presence. Join conversations that are relevant to your industry on the networks that you are becoming an expert on.

Share posts and comment on content that is topical. Keep up with the ‘movers and shakers’ and be sure they can see you as well.

Step Eight – Befriend Other Marketers

You need to keep your professional relationships alive so you’ll be able to have a foot in the door when you need it. Dedicate time to reaching out to marketers and keeping in contact with them. Be professional but friendly.

Step Nine – Work With Your Peers

Although your industry may be competitive when it comes to getting work, it is always a good idea to get along with your peers in the social media marketing world. Connect with them and who knows, you could be collaborating on major projects in the future.

Step Ten – Never Stop Learning

This goes hand in hand with research – you will never be too old or too clever to learn something new. That is especially true in the social media marketing world.

Bonus Social Media Marketing Tips

We are feeling generous so here are a few extra tips to help you be the best social media marketer with the best strategy possible. It’s important to have a full arsenal when creating a content strategy for marketing on social media.

Blogs Are Cool Too

Often, social media marketers forget the value of a good blog post. They’re more concerned with creating the perfect tweet. Yes, your social networks are vital, but add some depth to your content by sharing an interesting and creative blog post every now and then. Content marketing is about more than pretty pictures and viral videos. Written content is just as important.

Influencers Are Goldmines

We briefly mentioned that you should consider working with a social media influencer on Instagram and you can actually rope in their expertise on all platforms. Influencers carry a lot of weight with their audiences and could increase your brand awareness and sales a lot. For more on this topic, check out our insightful guide. You’ll be a pro in no time!

Always Monitor Your Progress

It is often part of a strategy to allow some time to pass before checking on the effectiveness of a plan. But we suggest that you start monitoring your progress as soon as your strategy goes live. From then on, keep an eye on your progress every step of the way. This way, you can spot any mistakes or problems as soon as they pop up and deal with them swiftly.

Be Engaging

No one likes a boring and dull social media account, especially not when brands have become quite cheeky and witty on their accounts. Be engaging with your audience. Talk to them as if they are the most important people in the world. (They are because they keep your company floating!) Answer their questions and follow up on their experiences with your brand. Keep contact with your audience and your followers and show your human side. They will love it.

Final Thoughts On Social Media Marketing Tips

If you have asked yourself ‘how to social media for business success?’, now you know a little more and might just have the answers. By making use of our social marketing tips, you will be able to create a strong and effective strategy for your business. This will result in an easier job of connecting with your target audience on the various social platforms. This is a very important goal for any marketing strategy.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or extremely difficult though. As long as you remember that a lot of time and dedication is called for at first, you’ll be on the right track as soon as you’ve taken our guidelines to heart.

Now that you have our best marketing on social media tips, feel free to head over to our blog. We discuss many social media marketing-related matters and dish out advice. Just the other day, we shared information about Instagram’s new Small Business Sticker. If you’re using Instagram, you should know about this new feature. Keep up with the social media marketing world by keeping up with us and reading our insightful guides.

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