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Instagram Fonts – List of the best IG Font Generators to Use

Instagram Fonts

Instagram Fonts – List of the best IG Font Generators to Use


If you want your Instagram account to stand out, you’re going to have to be different. One brilliant way to stand out is to make our Instagram bio unique. For that, Instagram fonts are incredibly useful. Not the fonts immediately available alone, but also the creative one you can get with fonts generators.

You can make your captions, biography, Stories, IGTV descriptions and comments look amazing and interesting, attracting more attention. We will give you an edge over your competition by looking at some of the cool fonts generator options available to Instagram users. 

If you can spice up your Instagram fonts, you can give your content extra personality and make your brand stand out in an ocean of noise on the internet.

But before we get to the fun stuff, we want you to know more about using Insta fonts so you can do it the right way.

List of the Best Instagram Font Generators

Top picks for Instagram fonts.
Top picks for Instagram fonts.

We’ve compiled a list of the best font generators that you can choose from. They’re in no particular order and each has its own reasons for making our list.

1. IG Fonts App

Fonts For Instagram
The fonts available from this app are all very attractive.

This font generator has many fonts to choose from and gives you room to be very creative. The mobile app is available for iOS platforms and is easy to use. Plus, it’s free!

It is also possible to add text decorations and emojis to your text. It is an all-in-one tool that you will not regret using.

Some of the features that you can expect from the IG Fonts App are more than 1 000 text emoticons, 100 Instagram fonts and the ability to customise your style. You can copy and paste text easily and effortlessly.

2. LingoJam’s Font Generator

LingoJam Font Generator
LingoJam also lets users create their own IG fonts.

Coming up with interesting text to use add flair to your account is super easy with LingoJam’s Font Generator. It lets you choose your favourite text font after you’ve written your text in the given field.

The tool is completely free and you can choose from more than 90 font types as well as emojis. Once you’ve found the font you like, simply copy and paste it wherever you plan to use it.

It really is as simple as that! There is also the option to create your own font if you’re feeling extra creative.

3. Influencer MarketingHub’s
Font Generator For Instagram

Instagram fonts by Influencer MarketingHub
You get some really nice text with Influencer MarketingHub’s IG font generator.

This is another web-based font creating tool that is easy to use and creative. All the fonts that are on offer from Influencer Marketing Hub are compatible with Instagram and won’t give you any issues.

You simply type the text that you want to have changed into something more attractive, click on ‘Select Font’ and choose from all the results. You’ll get many different options and all of them are pretty cool.

4. Instagram Fonts Generator is really easy to use and has a bunch of IG font’s for you to use

There are many different fonts to choose from with the font creator on offer over at’s Insta Fonts. It is possible to be very creative and unique and add some personal style to your Instagram account with these pretty words.

As with most font tools, you simply write your phrase or post’s content in the given text field, copy and paste and voila! An attractive post is created.

The website’s response is nice and quick so you can get back to your account and sharing awesome content in no time.

5. Sprezz

Sprezz Instagram Fonts APP
The Sprezz Instagram font tool also gives you themes and backgrounds.

With the Sprezz Instagram font generator, you can do more than just get access to unique and interesting fonts. You get themes and backgrounds as well.

To make the most of this tool, you will have to install it and choose to make use of it via your phone’s settings. Once it has been installed, you can use the available fonts directly on your Instagram account. No need to copy and paste anything.

There are emojis available too, and you don’t have to worry about security. None of your data is collected.

6. FontVilla

FontVilla Fancy Instagram Fonts Generator
FontVilla is an online instagram font creating tool.

You get access to lots of interesting-looking fonts with this generator by FontVilla. It is an online site that has a copy and paste approach.

Although you’ll have to contend with advertisements, it’s still a cool tool that is easy to use.

7. Cool Symbol IG Fonts

Coolfont Instagram Font Generator
With Coolfont, you get plenty of instagram fonts to chose from.

You can generate text that looks really cool with this website-based tool. With about 100 Instagram fonts to choose from on Cool Symbol’s Cool Font site, you’ll have no shortage of creativity.

It is a free tool but does have ads on the site. They’re only slightly invasive though. All you have to do is write the text you wish to have changed into something cooler, copy and paste it and that’s it.

There you have it – our top picks. Of course, there are many more options out there and you shouldn’t limit yourself to this list. It will get you going and you can find even more tools once you’ve explored these options. It is always a good idea to venture beyond what is suggested.

Just be careful that you don’t go on websites that might steal your data. You can never be too safe these days.


Best Practices For Using Instagram Fonts

Best practices for Instagram fonts.
Best practices for Instagram fonts.

Make Your Instagram Fonts Easy To Read

Make sure that the fonts you use are easy to read and won’t leave your followers leaning in to read your content. The last thing you want is confusion or fans with headaches because they’re frowning while trying to see the posts and comments you’ve shared.

Consistency Is Key To Growth

As always, we are advocates for consistency when it comes to social media marketing. Choose your favourite Instagram fonts and stick to them. Don’t change fonts every other day or week. Your fans will appreciate your consistent behaviour and it will improve brand awareness. Users will start associating the creative text you chose with your brand – always a good thing.

Don’t Overuse

Don’t fall into the trap of overusing emojis. While they can be fun, use them wisely and don’t fill your posts or comments to the brim with them. Just go with enough to get a point across or express certain emotions.

If you need inspiration, take a look at the accounts of some of the most famous Instagram users. Especially look at the Instagram bio of your favourite, they’ll likely use some creative font there.


Once you start using an Instagram fonts generator, you won’t want to stop. As we’ve cautioned before, don’t go overboard but don’t miss out on the creativity you can get up to with your text. Make the most of the different fonts that there are to choose from – you don’t have to settle for simple bold italic captions. Most of the tools that allow you to change your text into something more exciting offer a simple copy and paste process and won’t take a lot of your time.

For more tips and advice on how to use Instagram, be sure to check out our social media marketing blog.

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