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15 Awesome Content Marketing Benefits You Should Know About

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15 Awesome Content Marketing Benefits You Should Know About

Content marketing is an approach to marketing that has become more and more popular and will continue to rise in popularity. That’s because there are som many content marketing benefits, whether you’re marketing to customers or businesses. It works in any industry and can be used to boost brand awareness and sales if done right.

Almost 70% of B2B (business to business) marketers have a well-documented content strategy and you should too.

Although about half of those marketers didn’t spend more than $10 000 on content marketing in 2019, 24% of them will increase their budget in 2020. Obviously, content marketing benefits are driving more people to make use of it.

Content marketing benefits - you'll save money
Although not all marketers will be increasing their budgets, it will be a good idea to at least consider it. (Source: elitecontentmarketer)

If you’re still sitting on the fence on whether or not this kind of marketing is suited to your brand, stay tuned.

We will discuss the top 15 content marketing benefits and you’ll get a picture of just how great this marketing approach is. You might also get a couple of ideas on how to use these benefits for your business.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

15 Content Marketing Benefits In 2020

1. Create Real Relationships With Your Audience

When you provide your audience with high-quality and engaging content, you build relationships with them. They will turn to you when they need something that you can provide. With good content, you can build strong customer relationships.

These relationships are important if you want repeat customers and brand advocates. It is very important that you have good relationships with your audience because they can spread the word. The kind of ‘word’ that they spread depends on your relationship.

One of the best ways to create stable relationships is by continuing to nurture the good bonds already created. Keep your audience updated on new content and give them the kind of content they’d enjoy.

You can also consider educational content such as ‘How-To’ articles and similar content. As long as your content offers value to your industry, your audience will enjoy it. To build new relationships you just have to continue producing good quality content. (If you weren’t prepared, you’ll find the word ‘content’ a lot in this article!)

2. Establish Trust And Loyalty

Content Marketing Benefits - You'll be boosting your brand loyalty
Loyalty is one of the many content marketing benefits you’ll enjoy if you create quality content. (Source:

One of the main things that a company wants is to be trusted and have loyal followers. As you may guess, great content will create trust and loyalty. If you provide good advice, useful solutions and great educational value, you’re on your way to being trusted.

Show your audience that you know their struggles and difficulties and that you care about them. Give them answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

The more quality content you give your audience the more they will feel that you are reliable and trustworthy. Relationships that are built on trust are more likely to convert your audience into your customers. So, if profit is what you’re hoping for, trust and loyalty are what you want to grow. This is one of the biggest content marketing benefits.

3. More Traffic Is Generated

This is one of the most important and biggest content marketing benefits. Generating traffic is a top goal when it comes to marketing planning. By driving more traffic to your sites you also generate more inbound leads. And this translates to more sales – never a bad thing.

When you consistently create high-quality content that speaks to your audience, you improve your chances of showing up in search results. This, in turn, exposes you to a much wider audience.  Of course, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very important too and should not be neglected. Combine SEO with good content and you’ll be amazed at the results.

It has been found that companies who share more than 16 blogs a month increased their traffic about 3 times. When compared to companies who shared fewer blogs, the difference is very noticeable. In plain terms, if you want to improve your site traffic, content marketing should be high on your priority lists.

4. Improve Your Brand’s Visibility

It actually goes without saying but if you have good content that people want to read, it will get shared more. That will lead to improved brand visibility, which leads to more sales and more people getting to know your brand.

Your brand’s online visibility can be a difficult thing to accomplish – there is so much for people to choose from. That’s why it is so important to make sure that everything you share is of value. Valuable content will make its way to many more people than content that seems to have no purpose or point.

Everyone uses search engines when they want to find information and that is where you want your content to be. And to show up in the search results more often, and you can make sure this happens with good content.

When someone searches for something that you have created content on, they will find it and thus you have more visibility. Brand visibility is yet another content marketing benefit that you should know about.

5. Enhanced Recognition And Brand Awareness

This is one of the content marketing benefits that are similar to brand visibility. However, this goes beyond just visibility. But, it won’t be possible without visibility. Brand awareness is when people are talking about your brand. More of them are becoming aware of your brand and service or products. Thus, they’ll think about your brand when facing a problem that you have the solution to.

Brand recognition is when people recognise your logo, products and everything else associated with your brand. When you’re creating valuable content you’re giving your audience more chance to engage with you. This is a vital part of any good content marketing strategy.

6. Build Credibility and Authority

Consumers want to trust brands
If your brand is authentic, consumers will be more likely to be loyal. (Source:

This kind of falls in with establishing trust and loyalty. It’s not exactly the same but has the same idea. You want your audience to feel that they can rely on what you share with them. That’s achieved through sharing content that is credible and shows your authority in your industry or niche.

You can write blogs about the common issues that your audience faces in your industry. Then, you show them how to overcome those issues (perhaps by using your products or service) and they realise how much you know.

It is also a good idea to write as much about your niche or industry as possible. If there is a new angle that you can write about, do it! Show your audience that you know what you’re talking about. Credibility and authority go a very long way in content marketing.

7. You Remain Competitive

If you have to constantly publish and share fresh and interesting content, you will stay a lot more competitive. This will keep your brand from going stale or failing to keep up with trends. It is only natural that companies who aren’t creating content consistently will become boring to their audience.

This makes staying competitive one of the most underrated content marketing benefits. Competition keeps you going and lively which is a great thing. This way, you will always create new content to keep your audience hooked. And that will go along towards maintaining the other benefits on this list, such as loyalty and credibility.

8. Better Communication

Another one of the really great content marketing benefits you can count on is improved communication. As your content gets shared and promoted, more people will start connecting with you. Whether this is achieved through comments or direct messages, you’ll be communicating with your audience.

With such communication, you can create a personal connection with your audience. This connection will, again, improve your brand loyalty. By now, you will notice that all these benefits flow into each other in one way or another. Great content tends to have that effect – giving you many more benefits than you often realise.

It can be difficult to show the human side of a company, but your content can change that. By sharing content that is all about your audience, you’ll show them that there are humans behind the logos and products/services. Communication comes into play with showing your human side too, so always be ready to talk to your audience and customers.

9. Traffic Is Generated Long After Publishing

Blogs are a big part of content marketing and they are like gifts that don’t stop giving. If you create a blog that is evergreen – relative regardless of time or situation – you’ve got content that will generate content long after it has been published.

Blogs show off the many content marketing benefits, such as engagement, brand awareness and visibility. You just have to make sure that you are creating content that is – yes, you guessed it – valuable to your audience. We say this a lot because it really matters. Who will spend time engaging with content that they don’t care about? No one, that’s who.

10. Value With No Strings Attached

Once again, we are mentioning the value of your content. You have to give high-quality content without having some ulterior motive. That can be difficult since everything in marketing is about what you can gain from your strategies.

But if you focus on your audience and give them what they want without being too stressed about your gain, it will show. Your audience will notice that it’s all about them and they will appreciate that. Do you smell the brand loyalty you can cook up with this strategy? Yes, even if there are no strings attached, your brand can benefit!

One of the great content marketing benefits is that you can give value without wanting anything in return. And yet, you’ll get so much in return. It is truly a win-win situation. In action, this approach means that you don’t just reach out to those who are actively buying from you or using your service. 

You are there for everyone in your industry, and you don’t discriminate. Having this kind of attitude will help you attract (and keep) more customers. You should engage with your audience, even when they are not yet ready to buy. Show them they matter regardless of how much money you make from interacting with them.

5 More Content Marketing Benefits

So, you’ve read this far and you have learnt a lot about content marketing and its many benefits. But you want more, right? Well, let’s look at 5 more content marketing benefits because there really are many!

11. You Give Your Audience More Reason To Stick Around

Just like you’re sticking around to learn more about the many content marketing benefits, your audience will stick around because you give them quality content. With proper content marketing, you will be able to lure in people and get them to spend more time with your brand than they planned to. And that’s a good thing! It’s like keeping a customer in a store for longer – eventually, they’ll succumb to their desire to buy something.

But, you really have to create compelling content for this to happen, so make sure you’re putting 5-star content out there.

12. You Are Seen As An Expert In Your Industry

When you’re consistently creating content that is of value (yes, that again!) you will show your audience that you’ve got a lot of knowledge. Have enough content that shows your understanding and you’ll be considered an expert.

Experts in industries are naturally more trusted and relied upon. When people need their problems solved, an expert is who they look for to get solutions. And if you’re that expert – that’s awesome for your brand.

To be considered an expert, the content you share has to be credible and factual. Don’t think you can fool people by using clever words if you have no idea you’re talking about. In fact, giving technical topics to people in a more relaxed way shows that you have insight into it.

Focus on all the ‘pain points’ of your audience and give them the kind of answers and solutions they want and need.

13. Conversions – One Of The Best Content Marketing Benefits

With good content marketing, you will be able to boost your conversions. You will notice that although it takes a lot of dedication, money and time, content marketing will lead to much more conversions. You will certainly get returns on investment with this marketing strategy.

In fact, it is believed that conversion rates for content marketing are about six times higher when compared to marketing that doesn’t focus on content.

14. Guides Customers Through Purchase Decision Much Quicker

The journey that a person takes from searching for something to actually making a purchase feels like a fast one but needs quite a few things to happen. One of the greatest content marketing benefits is that it makes this journey go by faster and smoother.

With good content, you will help your customers to get what they want as soon as possible. Since you will be reliable, trustworthy and an expert in your industry, people will be more likely to want to buy from you or use your service. This is where all the benefits once again seem to flow together.

15. It’s Very Cost-Effective

When compared to traditional marketing, content marketing is much more cost-effective by far. It is much easier to get started with and once you get the hang of it, it is not that difficult at all. Many consider this to be one of the best content marketing benefits. In general, you’ll find that content marketing can cost up to half of the price of outbound marketing – not bad at all. Add to that the fact that content marketing can generate so much more leads and you’ll see it’s no mystery why so many marketers prefer it.

Final Thoughts On Content Marketing Benefits

Now you know more about the 15 content marketing benefits that make it clear this kind of marketing should be considered by all companies. There is, of course, more reason to love content marketing but we covered the most important and awesome reasons in this article. The most important thing you need to remember is to be consistent with high-quality content. If you do that, the rest will fall into place and you’ll be on the right track to success.

It can be difficult to keep to a consistent schedule, but once you’re used to it, you’ll see soon all the benefits for yourself.

If you need some guidance on how to get started with content marketing, check out our blog. We share a lot of interesting advice that will help you find the best approach for your company. And if you use SocialPlanner along with our guidance, you’ll create a great marketing strategy that will have awesome results. Now, the rest is up to you. Will you create great content or settle for mediocre content?

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